Calorie Detective: The Real Math Behind Food Labels

Filmmaker Casey Neistat, with the support of a lab, decided to see if the listed calories on food labels were accurate. He found that most of the foods he tested were reporting much lower calorie counts than what was actually in the food. He chose 5 foods that he might eat in an average day: a tofu sandwich, a muffin, a Starbucks Frappuccino, a Subway sandwich and a Chipotle burrito.

Then, the lab tested the caloric content of each item using a calorimeter. The results were shocking as four out of the five items had more calories than the labels stated. He found that in just a week, those hidden calories could make him put on an extra pound of body weight. Check out the video!


Pandora’s Lunchbox on Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! looks at the processed food industry and how “decades of food science have resulted in the cheapest, most addictive and most nutritionally inferior food in the world“. Democracy Now! interviews Michael Moss, author of Salt, Sugar and Fat, and Melanie Warner, author of Pandora’s Lunchbox.

Full the full transcript of the video, click here.

Rotten Teeth in the Developing World


Prof. Sokal-Gutierrez with a Vietnamese child as part of the Children’s Oral Health and Nutrition Project.
(Photo Credit: Karen Sokal-Gutierrez)

“It’s shocking what school menus have been for decades and decades. They are giving kids processed food with a very high percentage of fat, salt and sugar” said Professor Sokal-Gutierrez, Associate Clinical Professor at the UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program, in our recent interview. Continue reading

Sugar=Toxic, There’s Proof!

Sugar is now deemed toxic. (Photo Credit: Uwe Hermann via Creative Commons License)

Sugar is now deemed toxic.
(Photo Credit: Uwe Hermann via Creative Commons License)

There’s finally proof that sugar is a toxic! We all knew it even if we didn’t want to admit it. A new study has linked sugar as the cause for diabetes. This study took into account a multitude of external factors such as poverty, urbanization, aging, obesity and physical activity. It also controlled for other types of foods and the amount of calories. In other words, the resulting study found that sugar, and sugar alone, was directly impacting higher diabetes rates. There you have it folks, those candy bars, sodas, ice cream, donuts, slurpees and venti vanilla bean iced frappuccinos with caramel syrup are the reason you have diabetes. Shocker!

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